Lincolnshire Block Paving: Quality and Efficiency in Infrastructure

Commercial and Domestic Block Paving Specialists

Established in 1979, Lincolnshire Block Pavers is one of the leading paving contractors in the UK

Specialising in all aspects of block paving, kerbing and natural stone projects varying from town centres to housing developments.

Working with a vast array of clients we have helped them achieve their desired project whether it’s maintaining infrastructure as part of a scheme at ports or creating a one off showpiece like we did for one of our clients at the London cable crossing. We endeavour to respect our clients requirements and specifications so we can be better placed to deliver the project they want whilst upholding our own high standards and values.

Over the years we have built a large diversified customer base. We have a large number of repeat clients as we value their need for high quality delivered on time.

Lincolnshire Block Pavers ensure each project delivers the specification required to improve usability and appearance.

They have a large diversified customer base and have had repeat customers for a number of years as we value our clients’ need for; 

Lincolnshire Block Pavers


Block Paving

This can be used for many different applications including driveways, roadways, parking bays and Docklands. 

With so many products and colours on the market, any design can be met. In recent years block paving has been used in regards sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) where permeable paving can be used to help negate the requirement for other drainage systems.

Natural Stone Paving and Setts

Commonly used for your bigger projects, these products can produce some of the most beautiful open spaces from town centres to heritage/conservation areas and educational projects. 

We have been involved in a variety of schemes like Lincoln Cornhill, Caistor market square, Grimsby Town centre, Peterborough council offices to name a few where the highest quality of workmanship is required to deliver our clients proposals.

Retaining Edges and Kerbs

Before most jobs start, you will need the infrastructure and perimeters in place to achieve levels and falls.

This will need to be done before any work commences. This can be from small housing developments to highways infrastructure.


This includes concrete products, Indian stone and more recently Porcelain. Predominantly used around houses, they can be used on bigger projects such as colleges and supermarkets.

General Groundworks

We have teams that can also do preparation works before the paving teams commence. This includes drainage, stoning to levels, top soiling and general groundworks.

About Us

Lincolnshire Block Pavers AMS Build Group

In 1979 Dony Sullivan set up Lincolnshire Block Pavers in a time when there were few block paving companies about. He soon grew the company to a well-recognised sub-contractor that would go onto complete projects across the UK for many clients. 

As the years went by Dony’s sons Andrew and Michael became part of business from working out on sites at a young age to eventually running the business and buying out Dony in 2023.

Ever since the start of the company it has been our intention to complete any project on time, safely and efficiently. With projects including town centres, universities and colleges, council offices, Olympic games and Commonwealth games venues, commercial and housing developments down to residential patio and driveways.

With the introduction of using our own plant, we made ourselves self-sufficient on our projects helping take the pressure of clients. In each team we have competent and trained plant operators.